US Department of Defense (DoD) Sponsored  
Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Howard University 

Research & Education

Integrating transformative research and education in AI/ML

CoE-AIML is conducting strategic research and workforce development projects to transform AI/ML through Trustworthy, Reliable, Explainable, Fair, Robust and Secure ML Algorithms and AI Systems while expanding diverse commercial, scientific, and DoD/government uses of AI/ML. We serve as a trusted resource for all stakeholders in AI/ML research and education to develop new technologies and policy options for AI/ML use.

Our research will range from expanding Trustworthy, Reliable, Explainable, Fair, Robust and Secure ML Algorithms and AI Systems for multidomain operations as well as civilian applications.  Recognizing the challenges posed by insufficiently reliable AI enabled autonomy, which demands extensive operator intervention, our core focus is developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that enable autonomous systems to assume a more dependable role, thus reducing the operational burden on human operators.  We aim to create a more fluid and efficient collaboration between humans and autonomous systems by addressing the complexities of human-machine interactions, joint learning and reasoning to foster seamless human-machine teaming, and mixed-initiative control. 

Education & Workforce Development 

We will educate, develop and sustain a large and diverse workforce through public awareness, undergraduate and graduate education and outreach activities. Human Capitol Development: The biggest challenge faced by the DoD is the need to dramatically accelerate the delivery of new capabilities and new technologies for defense missions. AI enabled autonomy is the most direct approach to attacking this challenge. The CoE AIML provides ways to ensure that the quality and quantity of diverse technical leaders for a competitive advantage for the DoD and defense industrial base.

Broadening Participation

A more diverse and inclusive community is essential to advancing the field of AI/ML research and education. 

Our research strategy is to facilitate research collaboration among the partnering institutions and DoD Labs including Army Research Laboratory, in the following thrust research areas: